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  • "Ever since I came to Bookboost, I got to know what it feels like to constantly improve myself and learn. If I need help from someone, all I have to do is ask. What I wanted the most was to make a difference, and step by step I'm getting there."

    Beatriz Pereira


  • In my opinion the most important base for being happy at work is to create great relationships with your colleagues and Bookboost is full of great people so there is no issue with this. Although it can get busy as every start-up does, I still like it because it doesn’t get boring.

    Veronika Kemp

    Customer Success Specialist

  • Everyday I wake up with energy thinking about what it is that we will accomplish. It's very exciting to see the impact that you can make within the company as well as the impact the company makes on the industry.

    Daan de Bruijn


  • I started working with Bookboost during February 2018 as an intern developer. I felt that responsibility and trust was given to me in direct proportion to my willingness and ability to shoulder it and my input was always respected, even though I very much lacked experience at the time. This allowed me to have a real impact and immediately feel like a core part of the team. It is one of the biggest reasons why I felt excited to go to work every day. Now that I’ve been with the company for a while, and seen it go from its infancy stage to be ready for explosive expansion, that mindset is something I will always keep with me as I believe it has been a big part of our success so far.

    Rasmus Harrysson

    Front-end lead

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